Enterprise Plan

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  • Roll based access control
  • Centralized Data
  • Offline Access

Can access powerful software applications without the need for complex installations or maintenance.

$ 49.00 USD

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Read some of or customer testimonial down below

"Parcel AI revolutionizes the way we pinpoint development opportunities on any site swiftly and accurately. Its remarkable efficiency and precision have greatly streamlined our planning process, resulting in substantial time and resource savings."

Sacha Touret

CEO 75Invest

"The delivery of my report went smooth and fast. The assets were of high quality. Parcel AI was able to identify the best development opportunity for my project. I was able to choose between two development scenarios, which is a plus."

Hernando Barreto

CEO Socialatom Ventures

"The architects at Parcel AI helped me identify the development potential of my sites. They provided insight into what was allowed to be built, as well as what could actually be built. I would recommend Parcel AI to developers and brokers who want to understand the potential of a certain development project."

Giovanni Vasquez

Partner Synergy Real Estate